Vision of Hope
For the creation of employment for paroled prisoners.

About us

The foundation was first thought of in 2006, as to the ongoing concern of the first time offenders released and returned to the system. A private and difficult survey was conducted as to ascertain the circumstances of the plight of first time offenders, and the cause’s of their return to prison with more serious offences.

Shocking revelations revealed that when a person is convicted of a offence, and sentenced to a prescribed term, released on parole with a remainder of a portion of sentence to serve back into society, paroled prisoners are left to their own. Correctional Service has the difficult task of monitoring paroled prisoners effectively, most walk freely on the street, employment becomes difficult, and to sustain themselves becomes the center thought of committing crime.

With our persistent focus on the effective ways to reduce crime levels, our small member team entered into negotiations with the Correctional Services about the employment of first time offenders on parole. Correctional Services welcomed our concept, and with our own members contributing money, continued our strife towards our mission aim.

Registration of our Non Profit Organization on the 28th September 2009 became the pillar of strength for our member team, a difficult task was to secure farm land, and letters were written to many departments as our first step. It was by chance that our Chairman Mr Harry Bradnick received the break with negotiations to secure a farm for use with the Agriculture Research Council Stellenbosch. (ARC)Though the farm will have to develop from ground level, our main focus is to secure donor funding from communities and business sectors. We have one year to raise the much needed funds, and hope that this can be achieved by 01st October 2012 or before, we appeal to those whom can assist us to achieve our aim, and whom are serious about crime prevention drives as we are. We need to remove the parole offender off the streets, and to occupy them with employment to equip them with skills, this would be our pilot project which would expand to other provinces once self sustainable.

Vision of Hope Foundation acknowledges crime and sees this as an opportunity to be part of the fight to combat and reduce crime. Communities and business need to see this project as being the solution to reduce the crime level by effectively becoming involved as donors, or contributing to generate the establishment of this project. Our dedicated members contribute their own time and finance to foresee the growth of this concept, it’s a frustrating difficult task to undertake, a solution to be an effective project with ground breaking results.

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