Vision of Hope
For the creation of employment for paroled prisoners.



A Parolee, once released, will find it difficult to re-enter the job market. A small percentage may gain employment and be able to sustain themselves - the vast majority will, however, revert back to crime.

Vision of Hope’s (V.O.H.) mission is to help give parolees a chance to become part of an ongoing project to help assist in uplifting themselves both financially and psychologically, for one year of their parole.

This project also allows for parolees to be monitored and assisted on an ongoing basis by the Correctional Department for their period of parole. Our vision could foreseeable allow for the Correctional Service Department to play an important role in assisting parolees to be gainfully employed for one year of their parole, which in turn would have a positive effect on our crime statistics.

this would be the ideal rehabilitation program for first time offenders on parole.

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Our focus is to:

  • Get the public to support and get actively involved with our project.
  • Help the community believe that by acting positively, we can reduce crime.
  • Ensure that the project is sustainable and has the capacity to expand to create more employment opportunities for more parolees.
  • Ensure that fewer first time offenders are returned to the system.
  • Allow parolees to gain valuable skills which will assist them in access to the employment market once they have served their sentence.
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Our research has shown that there are many programs and projects for the local unemployment market, but there are few, that are designed to assist paroled offenders.

V.O.H.’s mission is the establishment of a fully operational and sustainable working farm at a select location. The farm would be built up from the ground-level utilising the services of parolees. Selected parolees would receive intensive training in the field of vegetable farming from the Agriculture Research Council (ARC) Stellenbosh, whom have selected farming ground to utilize for the Organization.

Through necessity, there would be an administrative and management staff employed by the foundation to oversee the day to day operation, parolees however, would make up the bulk of the employees.

Promotion would be encouraged from within and further education would be available for all, especially those that show potential and for those who contribute in a leadership capacity.

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Communities believe that not enough attention is been focused on crime. Prisons are overpopulated and crime is out of control. There is a belief that not enough attention is being focused on the front line of crime prevention, yet, we parole prisoners early and leave them to their own devises.

As a community we need to become proactive in assisting first-time offenders that have been released on parole in gaining the necessary tools to change their lives in a positive, sustainable manner – to give them a viable alternative than turning back to criminal activities to survive.

Our mission is to show offenders how to succeed and stay out of prison. Our mission is to create a groundbreaking project that will see the Department of Correctional Service and V.O.H. playing a vital role in the rehabilitation of first-time offenders.

Our hope is that all the role players get to see a Vision of Hope for their support and contribution to this project.

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